述性描Because of this, I often get rewards from my mother and teacher. One day, I just came home from school and was about to go out to play. My dad stopped me immediately. He turned on his cell phone, found an album, and found a picture. It was the scene of my homework. ? It can be seen that the clock hand in the picture points to eleven o'clock in the evening, when the anxious expression at that time appeared in front of my eyes. So I closed my mouth, my father smiled at me slightly, I slowly walked over to the schoolbag and started to write homework, this time doing homework is very different from the past, my efficiency in writing homework was improved Nothing is wrong, the news hookup starts, and I have finished all the work. Show homework to dad, he smiles again, I feel。

述.我们The whole body is relaxed, and that means a lot to me that night. Later, as soon as I came home and just wanted to go out to play, I thought of the day's situation, and immediately made me feel like I had hit the chicken blood, and began to write my homework seriously. It was also from that day on that I became a mother Good students of children and teachers have improved their academic performance by leaps and bounds. Sometimes, some habit is to let others help you to develop, I try to develop more and more good habits, my good habits have become more, what about you? On the way to school。

试图通I was ready to go home after school as usual, and walked to the side of the street. Suddenly, I remembered something that reminded me of deep memories. I remember that it was a dark clouded day. On the square road next to my house that day, there was a group of people there. I saw so many people there. At once, my curiosity was hooked up. I squeezed into the crowd, When I asked what happened, it turned out that an old man was touching the porcelain. I squeezed it in and saw that the old man's things fell to the ground. He was still lying on the ground without moving. He never imagined that there was surveillance on the car. The owner released the surveillance for everyone to see, but the old man said it was fake。

过几种策of. Some people are accusing of taking an old man. After a while, he actually grabbed the policeman and said: This man bullied the old man, what ... This is typical of relying on the old to sell the old, and the wicked will complain. The car owner showed the video to the police. The old man called quickly, it was fake. The police asked if anyone had seen the situation. A well-meaning person said: I can testify for him. Then he described the situation to the police. Finally, the old man left, and the police called him, but he left without looking back. After seeing this, I feel that the quality of the old man is really high? ! When I was in kindergarten, I always wanted to have candy every day. Almost every day, I was entangled with my mother and asked her to buy candy. I also dreamed of owning a candy house, the candy house became my wish, this wish is too。

略来增强2Childish, but it is sweet, because the little girl in the fantasy candy house is only five years old. The gear of time kept turning, and the sweet wish was gradually becoming tasteless. At the age of 8, I was already a third grade girl. When I learned from the teacher that many children had never felt the warmth and happiness in the classroom, I again had a wish. This wish is for all children who ca n’t go to school in China to experience mutual help among classmates The peers who have left school are back in class-so, I want to donate tuition to these poor students. This wish is great。

Big, just like that, my sweet wish was replaced by a great wish, and I grew up in this alternation. The gear of time continues to rotate. The four springs and autumns in the years are like the moment when the camera clicks. Now that I am ten years old, I no longer fantasize about the candy house, I do n’t fantasize about tuition fees for poor students. After a big change, this wish is very realistic and very mature: I am proud to step into the gates of famous universities because I already know how to change fate with knowledge. Early in the morning, when beautiful electronic music wakes you up from your sleep, it looks like a fairy。

1The average robot has put the washed and clean clothes on your bedside table gently, and it has been accurately calculated by the computer and equipped with the delicious nutrients required by the human body. It has also been placed on the dining table. The novel house will slowly rotate with the sun like a sunflower. The earth is warm and spring everywhere, without the severe heat and cold, and there are flowers blooming all seasons everywhere. By that time, there is no need to worry about an earthquake like Wenchuan that makes people talk about tigers. Smart scientists have built seismic power plants on the bottom of the sea, collecting huge amounts of energy that can be used to generate earthquakes. The plant slowly converts it into electrical energy, which is then sent to the ground to replace power stations that use coal or nuclear energy as fuel, while also eliminating the hazards of earthquakes. Of course, that's when you never see。

2To the concrete power poles standing on the ground, high-voltage transmission lines, iron towers and cobweb-like wires, it is replaced by a safe and convenient remote control directional transmission device and small and exquisite receiving devices scattered in thousands of households. That's the level of medicine that has reached its peak. Not only can it cure all diseases, but can also be replanted with broken arms and broken legs, it has an artificial heart and lungs, and it can be brought back to life and prolong life. The lifespan of a person is no longer sparse from the age of seventy, but a real longevity. Li Dingcan is the representative of the English class in our class. He is very remarkable and has strong leadership skills. Once in our class comprehensive practice class, the teacher said: New semester。

At the beginning, everyone needs to divide the group into a creative name, and then the group's "Introduction Show". Although I had some experience with several other students, it still stumped us. At this time, just listen to Li Dingcan's proposal: our group has seven boys, and they are all so good. Let's call it the "Seven Brothers Group"? Several of us agreed after listening to it, and we all felt that this idea was too good. But the introduction show needs to be creative. How can you write words to be creative? One of the students asked, Li Dingcan said: Leave the rest to me. I saw that he had properly arranged the division of labor for each of us in a short period of time, and arranged the text himself. Only a short while, the introduction show of our seven brothers group。

aAlready done. Our other team members all praised Li Dingcan for his leadership and organization. Next I want to introduce another unique classmate, Gong Zhuohan. Gong Zhuohan is our squad leader and naturally has certain abilities, but even more I admire his spirit of selfless dedication. Once we needed to interview in order to collect information for the comprehensive practice class. We assigned a difficult thing after the completion of the project. I did n’t know what to do. That is to take a video camera. Several of our classmates did not have a camera at home. Come out and say: Let me take it in my house. At the time of the interview, looking at everyone who worked hard, Gong Zhuohan asked his mother to give us。

Everyone buys a bottle of water, and there are some other small expenses along the way that he actively took out. With his selfless support, we interviewed many people and successfully completed the task. These are my two unique classmates, one with strong leadership and organizational skills, and one with selfless dedication and noble ethics. They are all my role models. It is often said that the teacher is like a hard-working gardener, who works hard to water the flowers of the motherland. The teacher illuminates others like selfless candles. But burned himself. ······ My teacher's tall, pair of eyes looks extremely charming and laughs the same。