来验Son became prime minister. It is not difficult for a villain to climb under one person and the throne of power above ten thousand people: Yan Song, Wei Zhongxian, and Qin Hui are all so. But he is both a gentleman, a villain, and a villain. Eventually he will be the emperor's general. Apart from Cao Cao, I am afraid there will be no second person! See, this is my friend-Cao Cao! He has a heart in the world. At that time, Dong Zhuo was in power, and the world was miserable. Who? Standing up, he is Cao Cao. Although unsuccessful, it shows Cao Cao's character of caring for the people. During the Three Kingdoms period, the northern agriculture under Cao Cao developed well and the people lived well. Once in wheat。


证翻译cDuring the mature season army expedition, in order to protect the interests of civilians, he ordered: not to trample on wheat, offenders, cut! But his mount was frightened and ran into the wheat field. He headed it on behalf of the army and spread it to the three armies. You know, the minds of ancient people are not as open as they are now. Your skin and hair is from your parents. Cutting hair is extremely unfilial. Hair is like a skull. In order to keep the promise and prevent the officers and men from disturbing the people, Cao Cao takes the lead! People cannot stand without faith, they can keep their promises, and people believe in them; if they do not believe, people will not believe! I have to say that Cao Cao's mind has been somewhat popular! In modern times, because of the influence of romance and drama, Cao Cao is always the embodiment of adultery. But in the historical picture。

.我们为他提This is not necessarily the case! You must know that the Romance of the Three Kingdoms was written by Luo Guanzhong, who was in the Ming Dynasty. He was to inspire the Ming Dynasty by writing about the Three Kingdoms. Therefore, he blindly respected Liu and despised Cao. Because Liu Bei is the Han Orthodox, but Cao Cao is not. Can't help but feel very ridiculous, there are so many dynasties in history, is it difficult for the founding emperor of each dynasty to be a traitor? I do n’t think so! The general situation in the world is that the long time must be the same, and the long time must be the same! This friend of mine has the characteristics of literary skill, knowledgeable and competent, clear rewards and penalties, tolerance and generosity, and respect for talents. In my heart, he will always be a generation of owls, unparalleled! After a nervous one。

供了数据The semester finally ushered in the summer vacation. But every day, Mom and Dad are in charge of me, not letting me play computer, let me go out to play. How I wish this world would become a world without adults! Just half an hour after writing, I thought: how good should Harry Potter be! I let him fulfill my desire to turn this world into a world without adults. Thinking about it, Harry Potter really came and said to me: I can fulfill one of your wishes, just say it. really? I want this place to immediately become a world without adults! I mean, but do n’t regret it. I nodded. I saw Harry Potter waving the staff in his hand and remembered the spell。

中的Language, after a while, here really becomes a world without adults. I jumped out of the homework in excitement, turned on the computer, and played till night. When I was tired of playing, I fell asleep leaning on my chair. The next morning, I woke up and groaned in my stomach, I shouted: Mom, I am hungry, let's have breakfast. Two minutes passed, five minutes passed, and I never heard my mother's answer. I suddenly thought: This is a world without adults! How could mom be here? I felt a little regret in my heart and saw some money on the table, so I took them down and bought food. I ran to the street, only three or five groups of children were playing, and all the supermarkets on the street hadn't opened the door. Besides, now there is no adult。

随机段Boundary, even at 10 o'clock, there is no way to open the door. I had to go back home and turn on the air conditioner, and then turn on the computer. After playing at night, I fell asleep again. When I woke up again, not only was I hungry, but even worse, I also had a cold and my body was weaker. I quickly put on yi clothes, took some money, ran to the nearby hospital, shouted: Doctor, nurse, come soon! I waited ten minutes, and no one came. I thought about the world without adults now. How could there be doctors or nurses? Now I regret it completely. I regret that I should not turn this place into a world without adults. I think my parents are too late, but it ’s too late.。

arrive home. I cried at home, and just then, Harry Potter appeared before me again. I burst into tears and said: Harry Potter, please help me to turn this place into the original world. It may be okay, but make sure that you do n’t think about it in the future. I nodded. Harry Potter waved his staff again, chanting spells, and all the adults returned to the world. At the same time, my illness was cured. I said excitedly to Harry Potter: Thank you, thank you. Do good things without leaving a name. Since kindergarten, I have often heard this sentence. After seeing that the characters in the book have done a good job and leaving quietly, the person being helped to help others in order to thank him. However, during this time, something happened completely with this ending。

The opposite. Aunt He, who is from Hangzhou, went out to exercise in the morning, but accidentally fell into the lotus pond. He was seen by the 82-year-old Sun Uncle. Uncle Sun's life-saving grace wanted to go to the door to thank him, but Uncle Sun made a request, he asked Aunt He to find a TV station to report on his behavior. After Aunt He's daughter knew about it, he suspected that Mr. Sun's purpose was to save people. Why did Sun Uncle make such a request? Is he trying to be famous, to be in the limelight? But he is so old, his greatest pursuit should be to enjoy at home。

3Be happy by the world. He has received so many doubts because many people still think that Lei Feng should learn from doing good deeds without leaving a name. But is the present society still suitable for doing good things without leaving a name? When I saw the old man on the road, he dared not support him, picked up his wallet and dared not find the lost owner. Donate do n’t dare to donate. There are fewer and fewer good things in the society. Misunderstanding, I am afraid that good people are not rewarded, why? We have a history of 5,000 years in China. Since thousands of years ago, we have been paying attention to morality and advocating helping each other. In our blood, the morals and culture accumulated by the Chinese nation over five thousand years are flowing. Is this happening now? Are they all asleep? I was scared because of various unpleasant events in society。

Yet? Is it because of the fact that everyone does a good job without leaving a name, causing a decline in social sentiment? So, should we do something to reverse this situation. We do n’t know the specific purpose of Mr. Sun, but I think he did it to awaken the good quality that has accumulated in our blood for five thousand years. There is truth, what are you afraid of? The more good things are done, the less bad things are naturally done, so less trouble, just a process is needed, one。