落,并After a period of time, to restore the kind of society where everyone does good deeds and does not name the good deeds. Doing a good job without leaving a name is what we admire, and the current name is for the future. Then, if you have done a good deed, just leave a name, and then wait for the society that does a good deed to leave the name. When you come to the white stainless steel induction door, it shines in the sun, and it will be quickly transferred to the computer via induction according to your appearance. If you have your record in the computer, you can enter the school. But do n’t think about it without permission Enter the school, because if the induction gate senses that you have a sense of theft or crime, it will send an alarm to prevent you from entering.。


通过电话Such students can learn with peace of mind. When you walk into the campus, you seem to have entered a beautiful large garden, rows of tall trees are shaded by trees, and various flowers are always open all year round. Huh? Where is our classroom? Haha! Our classrooms are all floating in the air! This is a new method I researched. The classrooms are assembled from white transparent plastic, which can be folded, and the principle of the maglev train is used, and the house floats. This saves a lot of land for planting flowers and trees and beautifying the environment. And we are taking classes in the sky and companionship with the blue sky and white clouds and birds, it is simply heaven on earth! Maybe you will worry about students putting。

会议yIf you do n’t study, you ’re wrong. When school time is up, one end of the classroom will hang down an automatic passage. The students line up to come here, just like taking the elevator, which is fast and stable to the school entrance. Maybe you will ask: How do you come out to play during the class? Rest assured, as long as your learning tasks are completed, you will be sent to the "underground casino" by the robot called by the teacher. It has everything to play in. It is also very convenient to ventilate, and it will automatically expand or shrink according to the number of people. Fashionable and environmentally friendly, it's really dual purpose! Let's go back to the classroom, every desk has。

评估了A computer, if you have a problem, you do n’t need to run to the teacher. Click on the special alarm. The teacher will come to help you solve the problem. If you want to cheat, it is impossible because the computer robot will control you. The earth was destroyed on a large scale: the city was smoldering, the exhaust of cars was disgusting, and the factory chimney covered the sky with an unsightly black gauze ....., the world famous scientist-Bill Du Invented several new communities where humans will live in the future. Everyone may be guilty when they see the name: Lou can still grow plants and vegetables? Don't worry, and listen to me slowly. This building is trapezoidal, with the bottom bottom touching the ground and the top bottom facing the sky. This not only occupies a small area, but also has a large capacity, on the top of the trapezoid。

翻译质量There is also plenty of sunlight, water and soil, and green food without pollution and pollution can be grown. Moreover, the mature vegetables can be transported to the kitchen by a high-quality conveyor, so that when cooking, you can eat fresh and nutritious vegetables without worrying about not buying vegetables. This sea atrium is truly a mountain in the city! The heart of the sea becomes purple, and you can admire the various landscapes of the city in various aspects. The entire building is 70 meters high and 53 meters wide. A total of 42 households can live in. The bottom of this building has a nuclear-powered express train that can penetrate all corners of the world within 7 hours, and it has an automatic feeding system. The function can go up to 7018 meters on the plateau and 19.8 meters into the sea. At the top of the five corners are inlaid organic windows with an area of ​​20 square meters.。

.在所选段落When it encounters natural disasters such as tornadoes, hail, and rainstorms, it shrinks into a mass and firmly sucks the ground. Of course, you are still safe in the house, reading leisurely and doing what you like. Ding Lingyi's harsh ringtones awakened me from my sleep. It turned out to be a dream! Don't laugh, in 20 years' time, I will really become Bill Du. Based on what I have learned, I must let everyone live in a more comfortable, greener, and more environmentally friendly house. Song Renjie's fifth class tutor: Niu Fangyan's dazzling high-tech inventions at the second primary school of Nanyang Road, Jinshui District, I was very surprised. The future world is really high-tech! After watching it, it was the afternoon, I came to the Happiness Hotel, paid the money, took the door key, and found that there was a quilt on my house。

7There are three buttons, red, yellow, and blue. I was curious. I pressed the red button. Suddenly the quilt became very warm. I was puzzled, so I asked the store manager. The store manager said: 2 The quilt in the eleventh century is too troublesome. It is necessary to cover different quilts in spring, summer, autumn and winter, which takes up too much space, so our 30th century scientists invented the multifunctional quilt. The blue button is used in summer to make the quilt cool, and the yellow button is used to bring the quilt back to normal temperature, so that all year round it feels like the spring and the temperature is moderate. How about the comfort of this quilt? I was puzzled to ask, the manager said: Then you have to try it yourself。

Give it a try. It's hot summer now. I'm sweating and putting on a quilt. I returned to the room with suspicion and turned off the lights. I covered the quilt and slept on the bed. I pressed the blue button. It was amazing! The quilt is really cool and very comfortable! I did n’t feel hot at all, and the sweat went down quickly. It felt like the temperature was suitable for spring. After a while, I closed my sleepy eyes and fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I felt light and refreshed. I slept very comfortably this night . In the 30th century, I have many feelings. I feel that scientists are too smart. They have invented so many convenient high-tech products. When I grow up, I will also become a scientist and invent many useful high-tech products.。

Products, I believe that my invention will make life easier and better for everyone. When I was a kid, I always liked to be quiet, so my mother often nagged: Why are you so introverted, your child! Children should play lively, how can you be like a heavy burden on your body! Since then, I tried to change myself. As a result, a 180-degree turn came. Afterwards, I walked on the streets every day. I am also a cute and lively little boy who likes to sing. Because I ’m usually busy, I ’ll listen when I ’m fine。

Music, but it did n’t sing well, but it did n’t affect me: I sang on the road; I sang when I was bored; I sang when I was doing things. But my mother's nagging came again: every day knows hum, and hum is not good, you should focus more on learning! Laughter is my specialty, laughter, embellish my life. Doesn't that reflect a smile, a sentence less than ten years old! Laughing makes me optimistic. All difficulties are a piece of cake in my eyes. Wherever I fell, I climbed wherever I have been, which has always been my motivation on the way forward. Although I don't like fighting, I also have a wild side. When summer comes, I often come to the beach by the small river, and I do whatever I want with bare feet on it.。

Sometimes I will go to the river to catch fish and catch shrimp. Even if the whole body is wet, it does not care. I am such a little boy who likes to sing, lively and cheerful, naughty and playful. This may be what makes me different! Years are like songs, the Qin brick and Han tiles are extinguished. In the old time, the palace was short, but the high mountains were still flowing. The flowers bloom and fragrant, the stars have survived, and have inadvertently gone through the ages. The sky is clear and the people are well ... When the wind chimes of the years rang in my ears again, I really realized that there was another season change in a blink of an eye. Our joys and sorrows. Time。