增强自尊和自The automatic adjustment changes. If the weather is very hot, it will become thinner and become refreshing and cool. If the weather turns cold, it will become thicker and warmer. Maybe you will ask: Would it be too old-fashioned if you always wear the same clothes? I tell you, no, absolutely not, because what style do you think in your head, press the corresponding button, it will become the style you like. See, what a humanized design! If there is only one item, what do you wear when you are sick? This yi suit will cure the disease. No matter what kind of disease you have, as long as you start the function key to detect the body, it can help you diagnose the disease and can help you to cure it without effort. See, what a scientific diagnostic tool! Maybe you will also ask: If there is only one service, how to change Xian? you do not need to worry。


信.享In the future, Yi clothing has a no-wash function. Not only this, it will also release different floral fragrances, such as the fragrance of lotus in summer and the fragrance of peach blossom in spring. As long as you think of the fragrance you like and enter the data, you can achieve the effect you want. Is this feature good? ——The inscription time passes, and the eighth grade is about to graduate in the blink of an eye. I am about to enter the graduation class. Recalling the past, I was so ignorant when I was in junior high school. I just arrived in a new class and looked blank. Slowly, I began to adapt to this busy life in junior high school. At the end of the week, the squad leader announced a message to let everyone in our class participate in a club activity, that is, everyone chooses according to the content of the club activity。

受和积极的Choose one you like. Looking at the content of the event, none of them suits me. My mood fell to the extreme. At that time, I began to retreat and did not want to participate in such activities. Because I am a person who does not have many advantages, and I am not very active in doing things, I used to want to change my state. But I found that this is easier said than done. In the end, I dared to report an item that suits me. As a result, I did not stick to it. Afterwards, I told my family about this incident, and they all comforted me and told me not to lose confidence because of trivial matters and be beaten by low self-esteem. This is just the beginning. I remember that there was a small month exam.。

感觉Inferior. After that, teachers and teachers often talked to me, which made me very depressed, as if a big stone pressed against my chest made me breathless. At this time, my inferiority complex began to spread again, and I was determined to achieve excellent results next time. I use failure as the mother of success as my motto to motivate me to move forward. In the end, I achieved excellent results and overcome my inferiority complex. After these two things, I realized the truth; no matter what setbacks you encounter in your life, don't feel inferior, you must laugh at life and bravely overcome difficulties. I once read such a news report: a young man, a successful career. Go home to visit her grandma. At this time, Grandma was already seriously ill in bed. The young man went to grandma's room without saying a word and took a photo of grandma,。

参加者使I didn't care about my grandmother, and directly posted on Weibo, saying: Grandma, I will always love you. Then he quickly left his hometown and ran into the city to continue working. Oh, grandma, I will always love you. Do you think this is filial piety? At least I do n’t think so. Let ’s do this. I ’ll play a game for everyone. First of all, if you were born in a super luxurious villa and ate big fish and meat every day, but one day your aunt nanny came to you and he said to you: You: Huh! I do n’t want to. I am the host here. You are a nanny. How could I be your daughter? You leave me! I will never see you again! Hurry up and leave for me! Well, the first scene ends here. Next, let's play the second scene. First, if you were born。

用几In a family that either eats dried radishes or roasted sweet potatoes and moldy rice every month, one day, a big boss of a listed company comes to you and he says to you: Big boss: Child, I know, I have had feelings for many years with your parents. So I decided to let you stay at the foster parents ’house for three years. During these three years, I will go to Los Angeles. You think about it, uh, well, I think about it ... Dad! I have considered it well and I decided to go to Los Angeles with you. I believe my adoptive parents will also be happy for me that I have such a good dad. I think you are very selfish in these two stories. Both are for。

种表达gMoney, status. Just like the first one, in order to preserve his position in this villa for more than a decade, at any cost, he was not filial to his biological parents, and he had to drive them away. The second is entirely for money. Envious of the high life above, at all costs to achieve this throne. But I would like to ask, which one of the two of them really achieved the word of filial piety? My philosophy of filial piety is to care for my parents, take the initiative to help my parents, and do my housework as much as possible. Although I do n’t know if you really did it before, you really understand it. But I think, as long as we work hard to help our parents from now on, filial piety. It's not too late for everything, as long as you have this heart。

it is good. In order to let me have more contact with nature, my parents decided to take a holiday and take me to the mountains to barbecue. For this outdoor barbecue, my mother bought a lot of things. Such as charcoal, pork steak, beer and watermelon. There are a lot of snacks I like to eat ... At 9 o'clock in the morning, we arrived at the destination, a beautiful canyon in Mangshan Town. The blue sky, white clouds, green mountains, green water and the environment were very good. We camped on the green grass beside the mountain stream. Adults are busy, my father is responsible for camping, and my mother is responsible for food preparation and cooking. I clean the grill and catch the fish stream。

gAt the bottom, the crayfish play in the water, and the little fish play in the water. I dragged my shoes off and quietly went into the water to catch fish. There were not many fish in the stream, but they were all black and slippery, and they had a pair of short beards on their heads. When I started catching fish, I looked around, and the fish was very clever. After a while, he was walking in and out of the muddy water. I carefully put my hand behind its tail, and when it swam a little slower, I caught it at the fastest speed. After a while, I caught two big fish. The adults are also busy. When I caught the fish back, they prepared all the tools. My mother put the fish I caught on the wire grill. Mother flipped the fish back and forth with a clip. Only listen to the sound of Zi La Zi La. Grilled fish。

The smell permeated the sky, and I already smelled the smell of grilled fish, so I couldn't wait to sit on the table, waiting for the food to be served. I'm greedy for drooling, I thought I could eat it. Soon the fragrant fish was cooked, and I could n’t wait to pick up a fish and devoured it. Mom and Dad looked at me with great taste and couldn't help laughing. Everyone was roasting, eating, and having fun, sweet smiles rippling on the faces of small flowers ... I woke up and found that it was already 7:20, and the house was still quiet. Yi Yi, listened to something again。

When I went out and looked at it, I was shocked. What surprised me was that the adults were all gone. I saw it at 7:30 and I hurried to the school on my bicycle. But somehow, the bicycle seemed to dance, and after a while it turned and rushed to the sidewalk again. I was shocked after watching it. The traffic police and the driver were children. I met my three buddies again, Wu Xu, Wu Yifan, Liu Weifei. We rode bicycles to the school and took a look at the door. Without an adult, we went to the door stall and took some stationery and food. We entered the school, and when we got to the classroom, we were shocked.。

1Class 1 and Class 4 and Class 2 were called together early, and the few of us asked our classmates again. It turned out that our classmates had touched a classmate in Class Four, so they started fighting. If I wanted to be a teacher, this would not be the case. We ran off the students in class 41, and the time passed by one minute and one second. The class representatives kept the students reading. After school, we all went to grab food. We put all the robbed food in Zhang Lin's house. Then they ran wild in the yard. Some students said they would n’t go to school and did their homework. But some classmates are very sad, because they all wear clothes。