包括生态因9We need to be polite, we must be happy, we must tolerate tolerance. Faced with the intersection of life, once radiant, once grieved and sad, and held back the sad smile when waving. I am fully prepared for the rest of my life. Years are a little bit away, life is still long. He had messy hair and was sitting in a small wheelchair made by himself, holding a very dirty bowl in his hands with a little change in it. The most striking is his lower body, because his right calf was amputated, leaving only a dark left leg to push the wheelchair. I saw him sliding hard to a taxi in front of me dressed in white, looking at him with almost begging eyes。


素,例she was. But the lady was too lazy to take a look at this poor old man, and said impatiently: What's so beautiful? Then the old man turned his eyes to me. Looking at the old man's disabled leg, I couldn't help but take out a dollar from my pocket. Just as I was about to put a dollar into the bowl, I heard the words that some people said: Do n’t think those beggars are poor and poor. In fact, they are much richer than us, and some have made a fortune by begging! Thinking of this, my hand shrank back again. But I thought about it: He is so old, and he came out to beg, how could it be deceiving? So I put the money into the bowl without hesitation. Looking at the grateful eyes of the old man, my heart。

如医6It's as sweet as honey. On the way to school, I couldn't help thinking that we are advocating caring for the disadvantaged. I think what we lack now is not pity for the disadvantaged groups, but trust for others. If everyone has more trust and love, this world will be better! It is absolutely incredible to see through the future, see yourself in the future, and see what happens in the future. However, it is absolutely impossible. However, I seem to have encountered a mysterious door through time and space. I eat early。

疗保It's about half an hour after dinner, and I seem to have seen three fashion elves. They asked me if I would like to work where I would be ten years later. Of course I agree! They said in their mouths: Jingjingliang mysterious door. Suddenly, there appeared a door made of gold bricks, gold tiles, gems, pearls, agate ... Isn't this incredible? But I did see it. Here I saw a variety of rare items such as wishing stamens, dream fish and guardian necklaces. Oh, I forgot to tell you, there are three elves called Jingjing, Liangliang, and Shining. Jingjing is the most beautiful elf among them. They took me across the river; through the boulders; across the mountains. Finally came to the second mysterious door with the past, recent and unfinished。

健系统和dCome. They let me choose, I chose to cross the future. I walked through the mysterious door to Paris, France ten years later, where I saw a stylish, cool me. At this time, I have graduated from Harvard University. Now that I have become a celebrity and amateur clothing designer, I have also met the joy of being rivals and girlfriends. My rival with me in my career is my girlfriend in life. She always took me to go shopping, beauty, doing hair, going to the gym and so on. The two of us are inseparable. Let's take a look at the place where I grew up, the hometown of many of my elementary school students! Wow, with the development of technology, the home has become a luxurious villa with the most top-level equipment installed. There is a robot nanny, swiping a password lock, of course, you can also enter your fingerprint, the original。

环境因素hWhat about the ability to predict the future? Besides, there is nothing impossible for the rapid development of technology now! See you in my dream elf! Finally, I opened the long-dusted window in my heart, let the sunlight go in and find out, out of the closed heart, all I needed was encouragement and courage from others. The figure coming slowly, smiling face, you are silent, I don't speak, but face to face again after many years, but the heart still has the initial throbbing. You were the same shy little boy who blushed as if sitting on a needle felt. Obviously you are the one who benefits, but why did I see your shaking hands and inner uneasiness? Because you are sitting in front of me, so I can't resist all this, I still can't help it。

,以及可8Looking at you at a glance, that familiar face, there seems to be another perseverance between the eyebrows, never tired of it. I still couldn't resist asking questions that had been suppressed for many years, and got your most beautiful smile and a positive answer. Yes, we are still friends, although the innocence once was no longer, but my world is still warm bloom. But the fifteen-minute meeting made me very upset. The former wound healed slowly in front of you, but in fact it went deep into the bone marrow and wreak havoc in places you can't see. The most painful thing in the world is not life and death, but the journey of life is short, but it is full of eternal loneliness;。

以促进The most painful thing in the world is not full of eternal loneliness, but I am obviously helpless when I see warmth and vitality; the most painful thing in the world is not my powerlessness, but when everything is within reach, I am not Willing to reach out. I'm still scared. I'm afraid my impulse will ruin this last friendship. I found the person I trusted the most, but he said: I still need to ring the bell. I don't know what his words mean, but his words gave me great courage, maybe, only one step away. When I met you again, I finally summoned the courage to say hello to you, and it was the familiar smile, suddenly bright. It turned out that it was only a little courage to take this step. I used to worry about myself。

和/或The shackles of youth should be filled with the blood of struggle. There will always be an ignorant smile on the way. Face bravely. Maybe there is no second person on earth, but also know that there is never a second sun in the universe. There are thousands of rays of sunlight, without stingy, shining, every corner of this dark world! Scientists invented the traversing space-time machine. I especially want to play, but only adults can play. I am not convinced, I must play. At twelve in the evening, I sneaked into the laboratory. Jump on the time machine. There are 4 buttons. Suddenly, the machine started talking. Say: The yellow button is to cross the future, the green button is to cross ancient times, the blue button is to cross birth, and the red button is to cross 10。