量.Called me loudly. I was awakened by a sudden and stood up suddenly, asking: Mom, what are you doing? With just a clatter, a plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes fell on my shoulders, and I was so hot that I jumped up and the juice was spilling everywhere In the obscurity, I saw my mother's distorted face, and her violent eyes seemed to swallow me up, and I was suddenly terrified. In a trance, I heard my mother accuse me angrily: see what you did! How many times have you said, do n’t read while you are eating, you ca n’t finish it until dark! What happened next。


特别是If you do n’t say that, you know, my buttocks, I still feel the pain. Woo woo . . . . . I still have a bad habit, so my mother will help me check it after I finish my homework. Starting from the last year, my mother asked me to check the wrong questions for me to finish my homework quickly. This habit has been going on for several years. Now, this bad habit has deeply affected my grades. During the exam, I have no habit of checking myself. Although my mother repeatedly told me to check carefully after I finished it, I couldn't find my wrong question, and I couldn't even check the missed questions. I should hate my mother,。

,本文强调Should I hate myself? I made up my mind that I must correct this bad habit, otherwise I would not be me, hum! I waited a long time for a long time, and finally after school, I was very happy because I could go home. There is a road on my way home. I know the road is very dangerous. I have to watch the six roads and listen to all directions. I came to the side of the road and then slowly passed by. When I came over, I was too scared to move, and then hurried back a few steps, so I waited for a long time, and I was impatient. Suddenly I saw a traffic light while I was waiting. When the green light came on, I passed by easily. Now the car is getting less and less。

了休闲活Obey the traffic rules, then I keep walking, there are a lot of carts rushing like a bull, and then there is a lot of dust, so that I can't see where the road is. Collision, and then I heard another sound, as if a sprinkler came, I found that I was saved, and later I could see the way, but my yi suit was sprayed wet, and I went home wet, before There is a road, but my body is uncomfortable, so I do n’t wait any longer, I go straight to the middle of the road, a car comes, I do n’t go back, I rushed directly, I walked for a long time I finally got home after a long time, I changed the wet clothes to dry clothes, I feel more comfortable, I think it is still more comfortable at home, no。

动的潜There are too many vehicles. This thing let me know that not everyone obey the traffic rules, but also need to be careful. During this summer vacation, my dad took me to Beijing's famous building, the Forbidden City. Everyone knows that the Forbidden City is China's largest museum of ancient culture and art, and is now also a top tourist attraction. I will explain it to you. The Forbidden City in Beijing, formerly known as the Forbidden City, is the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is the world ’s largest and most well-preserved palace structure with wooden structures. It is a national key cultural relics protection unit and was rated as a Grade 4 tourist scenic spot by the state. The Forbidden City was built in 1406 AD, 142。

力,这It was basically completed in 0 years and was built by Zhu Di, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty. There were 24 emperors who lived here. The palace building of the Forbidden City is the largest and most complete ancient building group in existence in China, with a total area of ​​more than 720,000 square meters. Whether it is a flat layout, a three-dimensional effect, or a majestic form, it is an unparalleled masterpiece. Later, we also went to the Yangxin Hall, Taihe Hall, Yu Garden ... Among them, my favorite is the Yu Garden: it is on the north side of the Kunning Palace. There are towering cypresses, rocks and pavilions in the Royal Garden. It covers an area of ​​more than two square meters and has more than 20 buildings. Through this trip, I am still in the magnificent history and culture of our country, which also symbolizes the long history of our country。

8We must also protect these cultural heritages well, and do not let them be hurt again. Everyone has a good habit. My good habit is to write homework every day after school and go home to eat after finishing homework. For example: English or Chinese has more tasks of reading and memorizing. I will not copy it once, even if it is finished. I will read it until I can memorize it. My good habits make my study very easy, and ensure that I can get a good score of more than 90 points every time I test. Although this habit is trivial, it has brought me unlimited benefits. Before the usual exams, as always。

With this habit, I don't need a lot of review, I'm not nervous, and I think I can take the test. When I get home from school every afternoon, I do my math homework conscientiously. Every time I write a silent task in English or Chinese, it is solid. So in the mid-term exam of the second semester of the sixth grade, my scores were: Chinese: 94.5 points, Mathematics: 96 points, English: 93 points, the top in the class. I think each test is very simple, because every evening homework is done carefully. Cultivating a good habit is not simple. Good habit is very precious. It gives people a kind of strength, as if my father or mother urged me to study every day. Good habits make your grades better. Good habits make you find it so easy to study and so interesting to study math problems. The power of habit can make you change。

a lot of. Bad habits have bad changes, good habits have good changes. As long as everyone has good study habits, everyone can learn well. As long as everyone has good habits, everyone can succeed. It's been eight years since I thought about the release time of the first song of "Kung Fu Panda". During this period, from purely American DreamWorks animation, to the director's replacement, and the addition of the title of the Eastern DreamWorks co-production film, can not stop the childlike ingenuity of the creative creators. Kung Fu Panda Ah Bao defeated the Panther and the Peacock from the attack of the gods, defeated the big leopard and the peacock, this time ushered in the mysterious villain green-eyed cow, and the journey of finding himself! Abao's life experience。

yThe mystery brought out the embarrassment of Dae's adoptive father. However, the failure to teach the martial arts martial arts failed to return to the unknown homeland, training the clumsy villagers to masters, and also explained why the turtle turtle was originally fond of this foodie. Contrary to the optimist protagonist of Lotte School, this episode of the ultimate villain Green Eyed Bull, with a pair of chains and two sword weapons, came up and knocked down the Master Turtle. Then every time he knocked down an opponent, he not only absorbed the opponent ’s gas, but also The puppet that became the emerald zombie threatened the land of China and satirized the greed of the evil people. DreamWorks continued to carry forward its humorous spirit, the villain called ’。

Then spoof "Terminator" and "Independence Day". He was fierce and fierce, he rushed out of the spirit world, but he was so scared that two ordinary animals shuddered and even laid eggs. The funny way of making people laugh. The obese panda dad, who is full of gluttonous buns, suffers from panda asthma syndrome, plays with his son in armor and plays, including the whole panda village's enthusiasm for enjoyment, mixed eating and sleeping, like the absurd epitome of young tooth children. It is the directors of Lu Yinrong and Alessandro Caroni who have worked hard to accurately grasp the colors of oriental images, to design martial arts special effects, and to delve into funny details. Did not get rid of the mode of upgrading and fighting monsters, the ultimate villain is still a miracle of magic, the five heroes and the raccoon master。