病的挑Your positive energy makes me feel ashamed. Dark night fall, lost after falling brocade; whisper every fall, fall to the ground sorrow; autumn wind flicks, silky sentiment flows into the heart. The heart follows the rhyme of poetry, holding a cup of fragrant tea in a world of colorful leaves. Ning Shen closed his eyes and listened to the little worries of the ancients: In the past, I only heard Li Qingzhao whispering the yellow flowers piled up and stunned. Now who can pick it up, in the words, lonely, but tonight, I am alone for her Attracted by the tranquility of the years; once, Lu You wrote about the scattered completion of the mud and dust, only the fragrance is still the same, lamenting this dirty world, only the fresh fragrance lingers in my heart, at this moment, I am willing to guard the pure land alone. Gao Jie was convinced by。


战.以这种方7The scent of fragrance stopped and indulged. Listen to each song in the word with heart and sing deeply, don't ignore the lingering sentiments in it. With the rhythm of the heart, a piece of "Moonlight Sonata" oozes under the bath of moonlight and stretches in my heart. The heart follows music, holding Beethoven's big hand, wandering in this heavy and sad world. The melancholy was like falling leaves flying all over the sky, sweeping over and over. However, we may never have noticed that, in fact, fallen leaves can also be reborn. The "Symphony of Destiny" is his best portrayal after getting out of the haze. Listen with your heart, the joy and smile after the silence, the relief and joy after the sorrow; the quiet taste, the tenaciousness and firmness in Beethoven ’s heart, do n’t ignore him and。

式将The courage when fate fought. The heart follows the rhythm of painting, your eyes are so melancholy, the pale cloth on the left ear seems to want to cover your inner pain, but ... I used to think that you were just an unwilling painter until I accidentally saw That golden piece-"Sunflower", my heart was deeply shaken. The slightly curved dark green stems, the petals that wantonly flared, and the huge flower disk looking up at the sky, everything felt distressing. However, maybe we haven't noticed that there is pain and sorrow in the painting, but more of that is the strong self-evident. Listen with your heart, don't ignore the strength in the pain, and the pride that never bows. From Tao。

积极Waking up drunk, I carefully picked up this lingering sentiment and faced life again, the pale expression was colorful again, the empty heart was refilled again, I felt the flashy life with my sincere heart, picked up with my true feelings, those I used to Ignore the beauty. Love is like a song of the soul, singing a beautiful melody of love, singing the true feelings of the world. Whenever I hear a grateful heart and thank you for this song, I will always remember that noon after school Grandma's way. It was a gloomy Monday, people seemed to have a sense of depression, because my father and mother went out in a hurry, let me eat at grandma's house after school at noon, jingle bell, after school I packed up my schoolbag and walked out of the classroom, who Zhi Tiangong does not make beauty, scrape。

生活概念化In the cold wind of whistling, the leaves slowly fell from the trees. Someone had just walked out of the school door, and the rain slammed down. Fortunately, it rained last week, and the umbrella was not taken out, otherwise I would be drowned. So, I opened the umbrella, stepped on the stagnant water, and hurried to the bus stop, got on the bus, maybe it was raining! It was too crowded on the bus, it can be said to be shoulder to shoulder. I hurried through the crowd and stood in a corner of the carriage. I hurriedly grabbed the wet umbrella to prevent the body from shaking back and forth, so as not to cause trouble. But what I was afraid of, I just got something. Suddenly, the fast car came to a sudden brake, my body。

,意味着Zi rushed forward, and in order not to fall, my right foot quickly took a step back. I felt that I was stepping on a person's foot, and quickly took it back. At this moment, my heart was shocked, and the umbrella in my hand also snapped off. Looking back, I stepped on the foot of an uncle, and the umbrella that fell down also wets his pants. Alas, I must be scolded, my little heart thumped, my uncle saw me embarrassed, bent down, picked up my umbrella, and smiled and said to me: Take your umbrella, Child, be careful when you brake hard! Hey, this uncle is really strange, obviously I accidentally stepped on his shoes and got dirty。

休闲His pants, but he cares about me. I looked up at him and saw a smile on the corner of his mouth. After hearing his words, I felt really embarrassed, and quickly took out a few paper towels from yi's pocket, and said sorry: Uncle, I stepped on your shoes, stained your pants, let me wipe you Right. As soon as my uncle heard it, he quickly blocked me and said: It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, you are not intentional, the uncle will not blame you, it's okay, just go home and brush it. At this time, another big truck drove across. The car flashed. The uncle held my arm and said, "Hurry up! Hurry up!" After listening to the uncle, I felt a spring breeze blowing in my heart. Yangyang. Grandma's house arrived, and I walked carefully through the crowd and got off the car. Outside the window, I think he beckoned, which uncle asked me。

体验具有hSlightly smile. Looking at his face, I want to say: Uncle, although I don't know you, but how good you are! You can be considerate, forgive, and think from the perspective of others. How worthy of learning is this spirit! It is the expression of the healthy personality of successful people in modern society. A person who does not even know love must have a heart that is cold and unsympathetic. Nor will he become a person who contributes to society. It is an expression of gratitude to the heart, and it is the emotion that everyone who does not forget the graciousness of others haunts the heart. Learning to love is to polish the dusty heart without numbness, to learn to love, is to。

The unpredictable little bit pays Yongming to the heart. Love does not require us to do earth-shattering events. It is reflected in the daily life: the universe is a colorful world. In the universe there is a small planet, and the star is the earth. Humans on the earth live a life with high technology, and now life makes humans very handy. Twenty years later, I took a time machine to the future earth. I came to 2036 with curiosity, where the house is really peculiar, but very advanced. Where the house is smart, if you use voice to order this house, it will be particularly useful. If you forget to bring your keys home, do n’t worry about it, nor。

Use troubles. You shouted loudly at the doorbell in front of the door; I am the owner of this house, open the door quickly. Then the doorbell will activate the face recognition function, and will carefully examine the owner's face before opening the door safely. In this way, you don't need to bring a key when you go out, so you can also prevent theft. After reading the house, I should also take a car to have lunch. Speaking of cars, I can't help but want to introduce the 2036 cars. The cars there are not driving on land, but driving in the sky. You hold the handle with both hands, and then hold the handle firmly so that you can accelerate. This car also has a lot of space, you can put your own belongings。

gIt ’s in your pocket, but too much stuff in this car will overload it. However, this car has an emergency button. If you are going to work late, you can quickly reach your unit by pressing the button. This is the magic of this car. Unconsciously, I grew up, and now I am already a fourth grade student. I have countless unforgettable things, but this one of them makes me remember the most. When I was a kid, I was a timid person. I didn't dare to stay at home alone during the day. As I grow older, although I have made a lot of progress, I still have a little fear of darkness. I really want to find an opportunity to practice my courage. The opportunity finally came. It was a Friday night. I was watching TV leisurely. My mother told me to go to the supermarket to buy things.。

0I thought: This is an opportunity to exercise my courage, and the money I can find can also buy snacks, which is the best of both worlds. So, I took the money out of the door. However, I regretted it as soon as I went outside. The trees were dark everywhere. The big trees on the road spread their claws like monsters, scaring me to look sideways. And I took a path without a street light. I had to walk a few steps and stop for a few seconds by the faint light in the residential building. In this way, I walked forward with fear for more than ten steps. I thought: Don't be afraid when you walk to a bright place. It was so quiet around me, only hearing my own heartbeat, I could n’t help but shrink my neck into my collar, just like a snail hiding in my shell to feel safe. Suddenly, a group of white things came out。