神障碍将是This should be true, right? Some like my bravery. In class, you can answer bravely regardless of whether the question you think is right or wrong. If you think of the answer, you must say otherwise. is it? I am a lively, violent and strong girl in front of my classmates. No matter what kind of difficulties you face, you will use optimism to resolve them. Once, I quarreled with my best friend. Although it was very sad, I still solved the problem successfully with an optimistic attitude. Once again, a school bully in our school who dared not provoke anyone, and ruthlessly threw away my homework, although it was nothing, but I did not want him to disrespect others ’labor。

国际上残障8Dynamic results. So I slapped, slapped, and slammed it on his cheek. He might fill his chest with anger, just throw me like a yi suit, we just beat for a while, maybe he found it by his conscience Say to me: No fight with you. Another person picked up my homework. That's how I became famous! Think about it, it's unbearable for ordinary people to fall like a person's clothes, but I didn't drop a tear. Look! This is me, you should know me now, I hope that the world is beautiful because of the different styles, and let the changes accompany our lives! It is best to be yourself. With joy and excitement on my way home, I kept asking what time would I be able to reach my hometown?。

人寿年I really want to see my grandma right away. If I had a pair of wings like a bird, how good would it be? I flew back home. After running around for a long time, I finally arrived at my hometown. Grandma was waiting for us at the door early, and I threw myself into my grandmother's arms with joy. The people who were away from home also rushed back from the field one after another to celebrate the Spring Festival. On New Year's Eve, I want to post Spring Festival couplets. Grandpa got up early in the morning. When I saw my grandfather posting Spring Festival couplets, I suddenly remembered a question and asked Grandpa: Why do I need to post Spring Festival couplets? Grandpa smiled and said: This is an old tradition, in order to keep the family safe and secure. Oh, I remembered it, there was a poem that said: thousands of households every day, always replace the new peach with the old one. That is to say, but I think it is very good to paste the Spring Festival couplets, and the family looks festive。

的主要In the New Year ’s Eve, I have to keep my New Year ’s Eve, I will set off firecrackers at 12 o’clock at night, and eat dumplings. I ’m sleepy and do n’t want to eat. Grandma said, I ’ll eat dumplings during the Chinese New Year, do n’t eat bad luck, even kittens and puppies. All eat dumplings, I said: I don't want to be unlucky. He barely got up from the bed and ate a few dumplings. When I thought of my father going to work, I still had to do my winter vacation homework, so I said goodbye to my grandfather and grandma, and returned to Zhengzhou. I really want to stay with my grandparents in my hometown. There are many complicated things in experiencing youth. Maybe there have been confusion; maybe there have been silly fantasies; maybe there have been joking ideals; maybe there have been unbearable luxury. Those are not important. What we have to do, pack up our mood and set off, set goals and never look back. --Inscription。

原因.4Junior high school, seventh grade. I spent the darkest year. When I first got into junior high school, my grades were ok and I worked hard. But I saw that others did not work hard and relaxed. At that time it was naive, thinking that others can take the test very well without much effort, and blindly studying them. I feel that since they can learn well, why can't I? In this way, I have been regressing, forgetting to step down to the ground and falling to the ground. The disappointed eyes from the parents and the teacher made me breathless. I started to be confused and started to complain. Why do other people learn well and why can't I? Finally, the teacher took me to talk,。

尽管药1She said that children, when they are unwilling to meet, it is actually very good, indicating that you have consciousness, but, have you ever reflected on yourself? You only saw the achievements of others, but did not see the effort behind them. When they get up at four o'clock, you may be sleeping; when they are out of class to study a question, you may be playing; when they harvest, you only see their results. See nothing else. Maybe you work hard, but they do n’t work hard. They learn for themselves, not to disappoint teachers. They have their own ideals, their own goals, and work hard for their goals. , Kid, good。

理和社会7Think about it, why do you open the gap with them step by step! Suddenly and cheerfully, what actually hindered me is not the attitude of learning, not the foundation, but the thought, blindly pursuing the results, but forgetting the meaning of itself. There are some truths that we all understand, but forget the way we should go. Success always requires us to come out step by step. No one will get nothing for nothing. When I walked out of the office, the sun was shining, the flowers were scented by flowers, the trees were swaying, and the windows of the classroom were shining through the sunlight. Confusion is okay, but we must not be depressed. We are teenagers, we have the fighting spirit, we must start with a good mood, and go step by step, no matter what others do, rush to our goals and never look back. On a crowded road, everyone will experience many。

Things, and these things are like dazzling gems. It adds glory to our lives. Now let me pick one of the most charming gems to show you. On Friday that day, the weather was gloomy, and the mischievous dark clouds covered the sun. The surroundings were dark, and even the heavens frowned. The breezes of sea breeze roared, tearing everything in the darkness. Uncle Lei was drumming. I was walking alone on the way home, and I was trembling with fear. Just then, a few drops of rain were faintly floating in the sky, and the crystal-clear little raindrops spilled on the ground one by one. Immediately afterwards, many rain threads formed a smooth curve, and the rain ticked down, as if there were countless light and soft fingers playing one after another beautiful music。

song. I quickly hid under the eaves of a house to avoid rain, and I couldn't help thinking: what should I do next? I didn't bring an umbrella, how can I go home? If you wait until the rain stops, then when will you wait? My thoughts are fighting, and my restlessness becomes stronger. I looked at the wet ground a little bit at a loss. At this moment, a vague and familiar figure passed by quietly. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be my friend Xiao Fei. She walked towards me with a light pace and said to me: Forget the umbrella ? Yes, you can use mine. Just a few words warmed my heart. It was really a gift from the snow. But I hurriedly asked: Then you。