疗取得了进Give me your umbrella, what should you do? She just smiled silently and shook her head slightly, beckoning me: I'm fine, it doesn't matter. After she finished speaking, she ran away without a trace, looking at the back of her leaving, the rain had filled her clothing. But the tears have already moistened my eyes, and the warmth in my heart is touching. This umbrella is warm, it warms my heart and touches my heart; this umbrella is full of fire of friendship, it is integrated into the care of a friend, into a deep friendship. It was a Thursday night, I took a bus 81 and blocked it。

步,但When I arrived at the terminal, an eager voice sounded as I was about to get up and get off the bus: do n’t get off the bus, do n’t the driver open the door! I looked puzzledly at the source of the voice, it turned out to be a lesbian. As soon as she finished speaking, the driver asked her: What's wrong with you? Don't let others get off? The lesbian said excitedly: My 6 was lost! Other passengers asked: Was it lost before? She said: Impossible, I just called. where? The driver asked, hang before the last stop. Some passengers said: They must have stolen before arriving at the station, and get off at the station. At this time, others have already reported the police, so wait for the police. At the same time, the driver let。

精神疾病The person who took the phone quickly took out the phone and it won't be investigated. After waiting for more than 20 minutes in the car, people talked, some people talked less, but every sentence was swearing, it seemed that I couldn't help it. After a few minutes, the police arrived and a gentleman in glasses said to the police: I have an emergency, can you let me go first? You can also search for it. This incident let me know that I should keep my belongings well, and don't give the thief an opportunity. I hope that the thief will soon get caught and return the lesbian's cell phone to others. In his childhood, he went out at night and suddenly rushed out a black dog, so dark in the moonlight, he screamed at him, he cried scared, he cried loudly, and the crying black dog was also afraid, as if cry The sound energy caused him some pain, and the black dog fled uncomfortably. He still sits in fear。

患者的医疗Cry in place. Since then, he has been afraid of blackness and dogs, not like fear. Even in a brightly lit city, he still doesn't want to go to a dark place, as if it reminds him of something; even a newborn pup, dare not come close, as if it reminds him of something. When he was in elementary school, he had to endure things that others couldn't bear-he was beaten every day. He couldn't fight like the warriors in the arena. He could only bear it silently. On the way from school, he was alone, crying countless times, Bewildered and silent, weeping like a coward, hiding in the corner, no one cares. In junior high school, in the first year, he still lived like an elementary school, quietly bear, maybe only the Internet is his buddy! Can only find comfort in the Internet, like Ouyang Xiu Jiqing Mountain。

保健质量和Water looks for spiritual sustenance like that. The next year, he decided to change it. Since others could not help him, he had to help himself, so he began to make friends with others, deliberately cater to others and flatter others. In the classroom, I started to speak some capable words, which caused the students in the class to laugh. Although it caused the teacher to suppress it, there was still a little joy in my heart, perhaps because I found the so-called sense of existence. He was more successful as he got a higher grade, and he had a brother in the bedroom who drowned all day, just like his first love. He and his brother, when they encounter something, he is always the first person to say, I help you, every time is so decisive, so decisive, seems to be breaking free. He even made a very nice girl, which was unimaginable before, she helped him, she helped him。

充分性仍Dedication, and he has been crazy for her, confused, and more sinking. He didn't get good grades when he entered the class, but when he first took the exam, I didn't know what kind of support was given and took the third. Since then, his glorious course has begun, and it seems that everything is getting better. ? Sophomore year, he began to get bored, began to hate himself, deeply, sincerely. Once upon a time, he turned into a once-nasty look, so he began to change himself, trying to make himself quieter and ordinary. I just want to pass the high school quietly, enter the ideal university, reject the face of parents running for Qian, refuse。

Those in the village who are arguing over the money. He began to deliberately alienate some people, just like deliberately making friends, as if there was a sentence in his heart: Without them, I can go back to the past, as before. But in fact, he knew that everything could not go back, and no matter how struggling it would be of no avail, he still struggled that way, even if the result was already doomed. Maybe he will eventually get real peace like Tao Qian, or maybe he will get tired of the world to go to seclusion in the end, who will decide in the future? The greatest love in the world is love from maternal love. The mother's heart is pure, and every supreme mother has the most religious love of the flesh. hidden。

There is a sincere love. I remember it was one winter day when I came home from school in the afternoon, when it was raining heavily. When I went up the stairs, I always felt top-heavy, and I fell to bed as soon as I got home. In the evening, my tired mother came back from work, saw me lying on the bed, touched my hot forehead, looked at my painful expression, and looked at the heavy rain outside the window. The hospital went. Along the way, the wind roared even more, the rain fell more, and the wind and rain hit us relentlessly. After arriving at the hospital, my mother gave me a number, the doctor gave me an injection, and I fell asleep confusedly. When I woke up, I found my mother was sitting by the bed. Seeing me waking up, my mother finally smiled, I hope。

Holding her mother's wet clothes and hair, she nodded and was speechless in excitement. My mother is like a hard-working gardener, nurturing me hard. My mother worried about me and worked hard for me, constantly encouraging me, hoping that one day, I can become an extraordinary person in the ordinary. In short, my mother ’s hard work for me and the love for me are hard to measure. I want to study hard and honor my mother. My mother has short, bright black hair. She has willow-eyebrows, big eyes, a small and big mouth, and a pair of glasses on the high nose bridge. My mother is not only conscientious about work, but also particularly concerned about my study and life. The network has advantages and disadvantages. Video games can train human hands and brains。

hCooperating with the ability to develop the brain and improve intelligence; it can stimulate the desire to study and create and the interest in learning. However, due to inadequate social cognition and lack of self-protection awareness among minors, indulging in games can lead to illegal crimes and bring about physical and psychological harm to players. This is an era of knowledge economy. Information is expanding and exploding at an unprecedented speed. The future world is a networked world. To enable our country to keep up with the pace of the times in this information world, as a student of the main force in the 21st century, it is necessary to The ability to adapt to this high-tech society more quickly requires the ability to obtain effective scientific information quickly and in a timely manner from the outside world, and the ability to disseminate scientific information. This is the scientific quality。

eThe Internet has just adapted to this requirement. Comrade Deng Xiaoping didn't mean: the computer should start from the baby. Indeed, as a new thing, the Internet has some drawbacks, but the middle school students are under school education. The school should strengthen the education of youth's outlook on life and values, and cultivate students' ability to judge right and wrong, beauty, ugliness, good and evil, Shaping students' good morals and codes of conduct. Under the correct guidance of the teacher and the guidance of the parents, the children must have a correct mentality to use the Internet tool. The 21st century will be the era of computer networks, and students will serve as the backbone of the future society. To understand and master the knowledge of computer network is to break into the future。

0The most powerful weapon in the information age. The network has brought a powerful and powerful way of disseminating information, and greatly shortened the time for information release and reception, and avoided many unnecessary waste of resources. When I was young, you always held my hand, and I always pulled you before I was a toddler; when I grew up, you worked hard to prepare breakfast for me every day, and then pulled me and sent me to school . After going to high school, the heavy study pressure made me overwhelmed. In my eyes, the sky is gray, and my future is in a state of confusion. At that time, I was scared, afraid of life choices, and fear of the passing of time. Positive cause。