自由精Dazzling. The cups are also eager to move and want to get into the buyer's pocket. The purchaser's smart eyes only recognize the most distinctive, and only such a lucky person can have a home. Everyone is a cup. We are all waiting for nobles to take us away and realize the value we deserve. There is nothing wrong with it, only the cups that are different are the most sought-after! Different cups must have a good performance ratio. You look beautiful, and you have successfully found your destination. But if you can't install anything, you can only use it as a decoration, and it will eventually be abandoned in the corner. That's not even more miserable ... You know, buy you, because you are a cup, you must have a cup. Therefore, there is only appearance, but nothing is also nothing. Make。


神卫bAs an actor or star, you have an amazing appearance, but your acting is so bad that you end up either drowning or being smashed to death by rotten eggs. A book has only a glamorous appearance, the content is mediocre, and of course it has to be abandoned. Don't sit and enjoy the blessing because you have a beautiful appearance, the vase girl still has to be abandoned. A cup, it can hold a piece of ocean, or a bowl of soup, it can hold a large article, or a small belly chicken intestine. It all depends on what you want it to hold, and its volume or function ultimately depends on you. A cup like no other。

生委员The really cherishable cup is to have a unique appearance and delicate inside. With both, the road to success will be smoother. Everyone has a different life, and everyone's life has its own characteristics. Some people's lives are colorful; some people's lives are monotonous; some people's lives are complicated; and some people's lives are simple. Ordinary and simple is good in a complex society. The olive tree is green all year round, and the branches and leaves are prosperous, and finally this prosperous appearance will send it to the ruin in the snowy days; the fig branches are bare and simple, because of this simple appearance, it has escaped the catastrophe. Li Bai, since nine days, high。

会,2The song said, "Whether my generation is Peng Peng people, along the rolling Yangtze River, passing through the Baxia Wu Gorge, passing through the Dongting Yangzhou, waving the golden temple, ridiculing the world's nobles, traveling around Kyushu, looking at the river and gazing at the Milky Way, by hanging waves Carrying a total of cups and holding cups, he was crying for Chao Qing. He was not worried about fame and fortune. A pot of wine was enough to spend his life with him. Indifferent to the interests of power, he pursues detachment and freedom, and he simply deserves the title of poetry fairy. I can't buckle down for the Five Fights, fisting the villains in the village! Throwing away the worldly bondage, he yearns for idyllic leisure life. After picking chrysanthemum。

003年Next, leisurely see that Nanshan's simple life calmed his inner mania. He pursued the simple heart of man, not the turbulent officialdom. Zhu Min is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In the 1960s, he devoted himself to the manufacture of hydrogen bombs in China and has remained incognito for 30 years. He almost started from a blank sheet, worked diligently, and made an analogy. He proposed a complete plan from hydrogen bomb design to implementation, and became the core force of the Chinese hydrogen bomb manufacturing team. He made only two public appearances in his life. One was in 1999 when the state awarded two bombs and one star award. He became the only winner of China's highest science and technology award. He does not admire fame and fortune, does not show off his merits, he pursues a simple heart, as if looking for a quiet desk in the chaos. when。

,第1页In the year of Wu Hou, Shencheng was quenched, and he was out of traffic in October. The big weapon came into being. With a promise, he kept his life, and made a loud noise. In 3000 AD, on the earth is the world of children, a planet without adults. The children no longer have the care of adults, they do what they want, and they do n’t have to deal with those test papers anymore, like a bird flying in a cage, regaining their freedom. On this day, Tintin asked some friends to play football. They gallop freely on the court and have fun! Until the belly sang the empty city plan, before Yiyi。

..在dReluctantly put the team home. They passed by the food store and took a few breads to satisfy their hunger. When she got home, Tintin wanted to take a bath, but it was very troublesome to find yi clothing. Tintin turned over the cabinet and finally found the yi clothing for changing. The house had become messy, hey! This time I have to organize myself. Tintin had no choice but to come to the school. The school was very lively and did not stop for a minute and a second. The playground was crowded with people, and various activity venues were overcrowded, but there were only a few people in the classroom. On the road, traffic accidents keep happening, and children often die by drowning by the river ... everything becomes messy. Tintin looked at it and thought about it, remembering the old days, and couldn't help crying: Adults, this world can't do without you at night, please come back quickly! in。

《转9On the way to school, I saw many scenes. Halfway through, I met my mother. Mom asked me to get in the car. The rest of the way, I have been watching the scene next to me. When my mother rode to a washing shop, I saw a family across from them. They were in a shed built by themselves. Make money by selling vegetables and maintain living conditions. Because we were demolished here, only a few communities were left, they had 3 children and 2 adults. Going forward, an old woman selling vegetables and a husband, they seem to be an elderly couple, much like the family who sells vegetables in their own shed, but it is not like, because they have a house, not built Yes, their son seems to be away and can only rely on himself. Go forward, in front of a grocery store, there is a。

变美国的Her husband sells grains and cooking supplies. He came to set up stalls around seven o'clock every day, and didn't go back until six or seven o'clock, so normal people couldn't do it. He was wearing blue overalls. At the gate of the community, another company selling grilled squid came here every afternoon to sell, and another one sold stinky tofu. He also came here to sell it in the afternoon. There is also a shop with everything in it, selling snacks, drinks, daily necessities, tableware and kitchen supplies. Entering the door of the community, there are all kinds of houses, cars and trees in front of you. At this time, the weather is warm, it seems that I was surprised by my introduction. On the way to my house, you will see many things, such as: suddenly see a dog, it will run to you, and then walk away。