卫生保健Or if you saw a cat, you wanted to touch it, but it was too clever to touch you. Good habits can follow people's lives, but once you have bad habits, it is difficult to correct them. For example, if you do not sit properly, you can only do it deliberately, but when you relax, you lean back again. Just like sitting improperly, I used to have a bad habit of not keeping a diary. I remember my dad bought me a very beautiful book before, and I decided to use it as my diary. At that time, I happily took the book back to the house and started to write a diary. I wrote line by line, line by line, and the pen nib seemed to stop. this。

,联邦行aIn the following week, I wrote a diary every day. My dad may find that I like this book very much, and can keep writing diaries, so he bought me a beautiful diary. Who knows, I did n’t feel any freshness about this diary this time. I just put it in the drawer and never moved it again. The habit of writing a diary in this way persisted for a week, and I never continued. I also thought in my heart: If you don't write, you won't write, and it's no big deal. No one will check it anyway. Until one day, I went to my neighbor's house to play. As soon as I arrived at her house, she took out a thick diary for me to show. She said that she had finished the book, and now she was writing the second one. At that time, my cheeks felt hot, and I was ashamed. Neighbors are younger than me。

动议程》It ’s so good, why ca n’t I! Since then, I have kept writing diaries every day, writing one after another, and I will take it out and read it when I have time. Gradually the habit of writing a diary is formed. If one day my ideal is wet by wind and rain, are you willing to turn around and help me? If one day I ca n’t move forward, are you willing to accompany me for a warm afternoon? If this is the future of a country, you let him Sound sleep is not hesitating. This is the monologue of Metamorphosis at the beginning of the film. They inspired the heroes to fight tenaciously, evoking the already kind heart in their hearts. It also made me not。

中,7Hesitate again. The memory floated to a night a few months ago, a friend of mine asked me; ‘What is your dream? ‘’ I said ’’ I want to be an official and an official. But he told me that you are not very realistic. If you change it, you can easily change it. I think you are at a better level. After listening to his words, I still couldn't make up my mind after thinking for a while. A few days later, I accidentally saw an article, and finally, I got the answer. The content of that article is about an American boy in the classroom. The teacher asked the dream of the whole class. When he came to this boy, he said his dream aloud—I want to own my own farm Knowing the situation in his family, he felt that it was impossible for him to change it. He thought for a moment.。

强调康复是Later, he told his teacher that he would stick to his dream. Ten years later, the teacher led her students to watch on the farm, and the farmer was the student she looked down upon. When I finished reading this article, my dad came in and I asked my dad a sentence; ‘’ Should I stick to my dream? ‘’ My dad said; ’’ Do it when you decide, and I will support you. After hearing the words, I no longer hesitate to decide to stick to my dreams. Looking at the sunset slowly falling, accompanied by nostalgia and helplessness, my heart is rippling, leaving me alone. Night, finally, came softly and gently. In the footsteps of Banhu Tree。

精神卫dEverything is a thing of the past, wave your hand happily, let them go with the wind, and leave the past to the years. ... full of self-pity and complaints, who will explain Qiu Xin? Every time you recite your poems silently, there is an inexplicable sadness in your heart. I think, if one day I have the opportunity to walk into the Grand View Garden and become you, I must change something. I appreciate your talent, your kindness, your rebellion, your pursuit of happiness ... But the bad thing of tears when you have a sore nose, and I hate it so much, so if I were Lin Daiyu, I would definitely know。

Shu Dali, everybody loves everyone, not the pitiful Xinlin sister. On the day I first entered Jiafu, I would ask my grandma to ask me four gentlemen, one to teach me to play the piano, one to teach me to play chess, one to teach me to read, and one to teach me to paint. Otherwise, wouldn't it be because of my excellent quality? Of course, this is by no means to prepare for everyone's leap show, I just think that a person's life is colorful and interesting, and naturally they will have a good mood, and there will not be much time to talk to Others are angry. When I first saw Jia Yuli, who gave three points to the master, Baoyu, I would never fall in love with him at first sight. Instead, I would feel that such a yi who grew up in a woman ’s pile reached out and opened his mouth. Men will not have any big gains. but。

To be honest, I admire Jia Baoyu's rebellious and upright character, because I am also extremely dissatisfied with such a feudal society that suppresses and restricts people everywhere. Since Baoyu doesn't like to read serious books, how to learn how to run a business and manage such a wealthy family, and doesn't like to be an official and seek glory, he should let him do what he likes. But it's by no means absurd to chat with girls all day long. Therefore, I will never be with Baoyu. I often go to Xue Baochai to talk about, because in her, I can find many good qualities that I do n’t have, especially generosity, I hate self。

I have a narrow mind, but after a long period of exercise, I have gradually become stronger, and I will point out some shortcomings to her: do n’t take the merits and demerits too seriously, the feudal ritual system is not a religion, why bother Become a believer? Autumn is here, watching the petals on the branches outside the house fluttering and swirling in the air, I will not be broken for it, I will send flowers and flowers to the sky, and Hong Xiaoxiang will be sorry for whoever is. With a flower hoe and tears, the seeds will grow into towering trees just a little bit, but it has n’t made any efforts to break through the ground; the ducks will become beautiful swans just a little bit, but。

7It didn't practice a pair of strong wings; the caterpillar almost broke the cocoon into a butterfly, but it didn't have the courage to break the shackles ... Why didn't they succeed? Not all insignificance is insignificant, not all details are ignored, not all bits and pieces can only be used as a foil ... bits and pieces are brilliant. details make a difference. Only by being wisely aware can we plan well and outperform thousands of miles away. There is a folk ballad in the West: lost a nail and damaged a hoof; broken a hoof and folded a warhorse; folded a warhorse and injured a soldier; injured a soldier and lost a。

A war; lost a war and died an empire. The nail effect reminds us: don't ignore the details around you. The ancients do not use evil to be small, and good to be small. Qualitative change always occurs with quantitative changes. Once quantitative change reaches a certain level, it will inevitably cause qualitative changes. A bit of detail may lead you into the palace of success, and an insignificant negligence can destroy all the past. Work hard to destroy all the good and hope. If one wants to realize lofty ideals and achieve great achievements, one must start with the detailed work around him, gradually accumulate and persevere, and must do every job carefully, because that is your success Every step of the top of the mountain. A solid stone ladder will always allow you to climb with confidence and experience Xin。

0The beauty after suffering; the broken stone ladder will make you feel nervous everywhere, and even inadvertently lead you into the abyss. Hope to wait for us to pursue, to pursue our efforts, and strive to require us to pay attention to the accumulation of bits and pieces, the role of details, collect our nails, and let it help us build a ladder to our own success! I thought I was a person who understood life, but found out that it wasn't, because I only knew it was vigorous and I didn't know every bit of it. On the contrary, bit by bit is life. I am looking for success and longing for something like a TV drama in my life。